EVO Bruce Natural Bristle Radial Brush, 28

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EVO Bruce Natural Bristle Radial Brush, 28


EVO Bruce 22 Bristle Brush

A styling hair brush for blow-drying longer hair. This boar bristle hair brush, is designed to distribute the hair's natural oils for a polished, smooth finish.For a smooth blow-dry, work with large sections, applying heat from the blow-dryer as you lift the hair. Place your Bruce brush at the roots, maintaining tension and wind the brush from the ends to the mid-lengths. The perfect styling hair brush for women of all hair types. evo brushes and combs are made with wood sourced from well-managed forests.

Best for
Use to straighten and smooth, or add volume and bounce to all hair types, especially: short, thick, wavy/curly hair. If you want smooth and shiny hair, this is a brush for you.

To use
Blast hair until it's 80% dry. Working with small to medium sections, place the brush at the roots and apply heat from your hair dryer at the barrel. Keep the tension as you move the brush through the hair, directing heat at the barrel as you go.

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