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How to Use Bed Head Manipulator

2nd Mar 2021

How to Use Bed Head Manipulator

Bed Head manipulator is a brand of hair putty used specifically for alternative and punk hairstyles. It is thicker than hair gels, similar in consistency to pomade. Both men and women can use Bed Head Manipulator, but it works best on medium length hair (3 to 6 inch lengths for men, pixie and bob cuts on women). This hair product should not be used on infants, and should be washed out of the hair and reapplied daily.

Applying Bed Head Manipulator

It comes in a small, round container that should be sealed when not in use. Before using the manipulator, wash your hair. Do not apply manipulator to wet hair: make sure it's either dry or slightly damp.

Open the can of manipulator and glide the tip of your index finger along the surface of the putty. Get about a dime-size of the product on your fingertip and then rub it between your thumb. Once you have an even amount of manipulator on your thumb and fingertip, begin applying it to the sections of hair you wish to sculpt.

Use the hair product until you've achieved the look you desire. If your initial fingertip wasn't enough for your entire hairstyle, simply add more manipulator to your hair. After you're finished with styling your hair, seal the cap back onto the container and store it at room temperature. It is recommended to wash the manipulator out of your hair, before going to bed, because the product could stain pillows.


To get thick spikes with Bed Head manipulator, take the product on your finger and thumb tip and grab a section of hair, pulling it upward into a point. It will help to slightly twist your hair as you pull up too.